About Designer Gardens

Maureen Lock is a well qualified garden designer having trained initially in horticulture and gaining RHS qualifications. She went on to train as a garden designer at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth and Kingston Maurward College in Dorchester, and then finally at The Garden Design School in Surrey.

Maureen and designerGardens can offer you a full range of garden design services to suit your taste and your budget. We can help you define what you want from your outside space and offer a solution to meet your timescales and budget. The services we offer are:

Trained by some of the best in the country

It was at the Garden Design School that Maureen was trained by two of the country’s leading garden designers – Robin Templar Williams, Moira Farnham and other leading experts who dealt with aspects such as lighting design, water in the garden, project specification.

Maureen Lock
  • Full Garden Design Service
  • Consultancy and Advice
  • Planting Design
  • Project Monitoring Service



The cost of an accurate design will quickly pay for itself. The designer can see the best way to lay out the various elements of the garden incorporating your requirements encompassing how you want to use the garden.

A design plan from designerGardens is a highly detailed and accurately scaled drawing which will enable you obtain competitive quotes from landscapers or carry out the work yourself. So, a design can actually save you money!

The garden is more than likely the biggest ‘room’ in your property and probably the least expensive to improve – even you only plant a single tree or a couple of shrubs, it is worth doing as soon as possible so that the garden looks attractive and establishes more quickly.


You can easily turn your ideas into reality by working with a garden designer. Any problems or concerns can be tackled and ironed out at the drawing board stage – before a spade hits the ground.

You may have special requirements in mind: –

  • it may be a garden for the children growing up,
  • for outside entertaining during the summer evenings,
  • somewhere to sit at the end of the day.
  • to meet the needs of an elderly person, or someone who is disabled but loves to be outside
  • just a lovely garden to enjoy and admire

Whatever your requirements Maureen will ensure the garden is appropriate for your needs. Her knowledge of plants, materials, construction, suppliers and design can turn your ideas into an achievable plan for a fantastic garden.

One of the most important aspects often overlooked is that the design must be capable of being built and is not just an artist’s impression. designerGardens can alleviate the dangers of building ‘off-the-cuff’ with no structured plan and will ensure that the design actually works and can be built.

Contact me for Garden Designs in Poole, Wimborne, Dorchester, Weymouth, Blandford Forum and throughout Dorset.

gardens designed by Maureen Lock